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After receive Dr.wellness hydrogen inhalation machine(YL-900A), what should you do ?

Sep 08,2023 | Dr.wellness hydrogen

First, thank you choose Dr. wellness hydrogen inhalation.
When using the machine for the first time, pls notice the following:
Do not use in confined spaces!
Flammable gas, no ignition test!
Do not block the gas outlet when the machine is running!
Keep away from fire when the machine is running!
When leaving the machine, please pause or turn off the machine!
Please add TDS=0 distilled water.
Add water to the new machine and soak for 10 minutes, drain the water, then add water again start to use.

Dr.wellness Hydrogen inhalation operation video link: 

Below we also use text to describe the detailed operation steps:
1. Open the carton box, take the 1500ml machine as an example, and check all the contents: 1 machine, 2 single end cannular, 1 double end cannular, 1 drain pipe, 1 power cord, and 1 instruction manual.(like following picture)

2. Plug in the power, press the switch button on the back of the machine, the word "1" of the switch is "on", and the word "O" is "off".


3. Look at the front screen. At this time, the code of "E4 "will appear on the screen of the machine, which means lack of water. The machine cannot be started without water.

4. Unplug the H2 and O2 outlet plugs,when the machine is working, there should be no blockage at the outlet.

5. Open the cover, turn it counterclockwise, rotate 90 degrees, then lift it up,  (the cover will be tight, you need to twist hard to open it, the tight design is to prevent the gas running away from the cover).

Open the cover video link: 

6. Add add TDS=0 distilled water to the water tank. When the "E4" code disappears on the screen of the machine, it means that the added water can start the machine, and you can continue to add water to it. The water tank can hold up to 2.4L of water.

7.Close the lid of the water tank and turn it clockwise until the two dots next to the lid are aligned and it is closed tightly. 

8. The function of each button:

No H2O--- mean short of water, also will have "E4" words on screen, remind you add the water.
Lock---Child lock, press it for a long time, then the screen will be locked, when the child lock button is on, you press other buttons will have no effect, more safe for children. press it again for a long time will be turn on again.
Over heat, Over filled---is alarm function.
TDS--- your water quality is good or bad.
+Time &-Time--- preset the time,
Voice--- the tip voice, press it for a long time will be closed, press it again for a long time will be on.

8.1 Press the turn on botton, Observe that there are bubbles in the front window and it is working normally.

8.2 Insert the nasal cannular.
There are two kinds of cannular, first one is inhale the H2 and O2 mixed, two ends connect into the H2 and O2 outlet seperaterly, like following picture:

Second one is only inhale the H2 cannular, connect into the H2 outlet :

Old people and short of O2 people can inhale H2 and O2 mixed gas.
Young people and not short of O2 gas people can only inhale the H2 gas.

9. In order to prolong the service life of the machine, it is recommended to change the water every 7-10 days.
How to change the water:
9.1. Firstly, pull out the plug, and make the white disc of the plug elastic. You need to hold down the white disc and pull out the plug at the same time. You must press the white disc and pull it out hard. The video  link:

9.2. Connect the drain pipe: Insert the drain pipe hard, then connect the other end of the drain pipe to the water container,turn the drain valve to 90 degrees , then start to drain. after draining, and then turn off the valve, the next time you drain the water, just open the drain valve is ok.

10.If you also buy the optional hydrogen dissolved rod , eye goggle and ear plug, use method as following:

10.1 How to use H2  dissolved rod to make H2 water:
Connect the hydrogen melting stick to the outlet of H2 with a connecting tube (note that it can only be connected to the outlet of H2, not the outlet of O2), put it in the water cup for 7-10 minutes to make a cup of hydrogen water. (After making hydrogen water, please drink it within 2 hours).

10.2 How to use eye mask and ear suction:
The eye mask is connected to the H2 outlet, put on the eye mask and plug in the earplugs, and you can enjoy the anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen on the eyes and ears.
Eye mask connection video:

If you have any other questions , pls contact : Maggie
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