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How do I purchase the Dr.wellness hydrogen oxygen inhalation with credit card online ?

Oct 07,2023 | Dr.wellness hydrogen

Take 1500ml hydrogen inhalation as a sample:

1. Press following 1500ml hydrogen inhalation product link:

1500ML hydrogen gas inhalation machines (

2. Then you will see the following page , press "buy now" bottom on the picture:

Then you will see the following page:


3. Press the "Log in " , log up use your email , fill in the shipping address,then press "continue to shipping" bottom

4. Then you will see following page, press "continue to payment" bottom:

5.Then you will see following, choose the Credit Card and pay it online is ok.

Confirm the billing address and press "pay now"

Then you will receive a Order Confirm notice.

How to buy the 900ml machine is the same as above,  900ml payment link like following:

900ML H2 hydrogen inhalation machines (

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