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hydrogen inhalation FAQ

Jan 16,2024 | Dr.wellness hydrogen

1. Is it dangerous to inhale hydrogen gas?
Many people are uneasy about inhaling hydrogen and are worried that the hydrogen gas will explode. In fact, the combustion and explosion range of hydrogen is 4-74%, and there is no risk below or above this range. When inhaling hydrogen, by mixing it with the inhaled air, the inhaled hydrogen can account for about 2% of the total respiratory volume and be kept below 4%. This concentration has no risk of combustion and explosion and can be used at home with confidence.
2. Is there a time limit for hydrogen absorption?
Japanese scientists have studied the changes in hydrogen concentration in the body after inhaling hydrogen. The results show that the rate at which each tissue reaches saturation after hydrogen inhalation is different. Therefore, long-term hydrogen inhalation can increase the hydrogen concentration in tissues and organs more than short-term hydrogen inhalation. thereby playing a greater role. But what everyone needs to know is that not everyone needs to inhale hydrogen for a long time.
Research shows that for daily health care and the treatment of some chronic diseases, hydrogen inhalation for 1 to 2 hours a day can play a protective role in the body;
If it is for various intractable diseases and severe patients, long-term hydrogen inhalation is required, at least 4 to 6 hours a day.
*Here is a reminder: When using a hydrogen inhalation machine for the first time, it is recommended to slowly increase the time from 15 minutes. If there is no discomfort, then gradually increase the daily hydrogen inhalation time.
3. Which time period is better for absorbing hydrogen?
In fact, you can absorb hydrogen at any time. However, since hydrogen inhalation takes a certain amount of time, you can set a timer and inhale it during sleep, so that it does not affect your life and work. Of course, you can also inhale hydrogen while watching TV, reading, studying, or doing any sedentary work.
4. Will there be any side effects from inhaling hydrogen for a long time?
Research shows that long-term use of hydrogen is relatively safe for the human body. For example: When diving underwater, divers can continuously breathe high-pressure and high-concentration hydrogen for 14 days. Hydrogen has been used as a diving gas for more than 80 years, and no side effects have been found so far.
A small number of people will feel uncomfortable even after inhaling hydrogen for a short time, which may be the body's conditioning reaction. What has been initially discovered is that after hydrogen inhalation, the human body's blood circulation accelerates and brain excitability increases. These reactions have little impact on healthy people, and the body will adjust and adapt quickly, but for people suffering from various diseases , these physiological changes can be a challenge to the body, and these challenges sometimes cause a series of uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, we have always emphasized that we must start inhaling with a small flow rate and a short period of time.
5. Can inhaling hydrogen replace drinking hydrogen water?
Does not. Although hydrogen inhalation is higher in concentration than drinking hydrogen water, drinking hydrogen water can regulate intestinal flora and make the gastrointestinal system healthier, which cannot be replaced by hydrogen inhalation.
6. Which is better, inhaling hydrogen or drinking hydrogen water?
We know that these two methods are relatively simple and effective ways for the human body to absorb hydrogen molecules. Then a friend asked, which of these two methods is more effective in interfering with the human body? In fact, it is impossible to say which method is better, both have their advantages.
First of all, drinking hydrogen water is convenient and safe. It has advantages in treating metabolic problems such as hyperlipidemia, high uric acid, ulcerative colitis and digestive tract inflammation.
If you choose to inhale hydrogen, inhaling hydrogen will have a better effect on respiratory system problems (asthma, emphysema, haze lung damage), as well as brain and nerve problems (stroke, Alzheimer's disease).
However, from a dose perspective alone, the amount of hydrogen that can be taken in through breathing is even more considerable.
Of course, using the two together, the effect will naturally be better! Under normal circumstances, drinking hydrogen water + inhaling hydrogen gas is a commonly used combination method of using hydrogen gas, which can not only maintain the daily health care function, but also achieve the purpose of conditioning the body. Of course, if you insist on taking a hydrogen bath at the same time, it will be a "three-pronged" physical recovery process. The trinity and comprehensive protection will bring more significant results.
Professor Sun Xuejun of the Chinese Naval Medical University has also advocated: Hydrogen is a very safe tool and is worth using as long as it is effective. You can try a combination of breathing.
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