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hydrogen oxygen gas inhalation machine flow rate test video

Sep 12,2023 | Dr.wellness hydrogen

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Today I will explain to you how to use the drainage method to detect the flow of a hydrogen and oxygen machine. First, we need to prepare a hydrogen and oxygen machine, a hose, a bucket of water, a 550ml bottle of mineral water, and a 1500ml bottle. bottle of mineral water,
Before starting to test the flow rate, let me first explain to you the principle of testing the flow rate of the hydrogen and oxygen machine by the drainage method. The principle of drainage method is actually to utilize the pressure difference.
The output volume of the O2 outlet on the left side of the machine is 500ml/min. If we check the flow rate of the O2 outlet. First, we fill a 550ml bottle of mineral water with water, then tip it upside down into the bucket, turn on the machine, and then the oxyhydrogen machine starts to work. The oxyhydrogen machine generates gas and continuously fills the gas into the oxyhydrogen machine. Mineral water bottle, the air pressure inside the mineral water bottle is getting bigger and bigger, it will remove the water from the mineral water, and then we start timing with the mobile phone to calculate whether 500ml of water can be discharged in 1 minute.
Next, we start to detect the flow rate of the hydrogen and oxygen machine. First, we start the machine and turn on the power. We first check the air output per minute of the oxygen port.
How to judge whether the oxygen port is breathing normally? We can put the snorkel inside this mineral water bottle. If we see bubbling, this is the production of oxygen.
Then we reset the timer to 0. First, we turn the mineral water bottle upside down and pour it into this bucket. Then we start timing again. Remember to pour it upside down into this bucket. Don’t let the water in the mineral water bottle flow out first. Wait. The mineral water bottle sinks into this bucket and then lets go. Don't let the water in the mineral water bottle flow out with your hands. Wait for the mineral water bottle to sink into the bucket, and then let go of your hands.
When we reach the bottom, we will start timing now. Then you can see the gas coming out of the oxygen port slowly, and the water in the mineral water bottle will be slowly pressed out. In the last 1 minute and 1 second, 550ml of water was discharged, which proves that the oxygen of our machine meets the standard.
Next we start testing the gas output per minute of the hydrogen outlet. First we connect the hose to the hydrogen outlet, then the timer starts and resets it to 0. How to judge whether the hydrogen outlet releases gas normally? We can put the hydrogen outlet into this mineral water bottle and see if it bubbles normally. Then also put the 1.55-liter mineral water bottle in, pour it into our bucket, and don't let the water flow out. Reach your hand to the bottom to loosen it, and then extend the hose from the hydrogen outlet to the bottom of the mineral water bottle. If normal, the hydrogen output of the oxygen inhaler is 1000 ml per minute, and the amount of water that can be discharged in one minute is about one liter. The displacement in that minute and a half was about 1.5 liters, and now we have all 1.5 liters of water drained out in 1 minute and 26 seconds. Prove that our machine traffic is qualified and excellent. The above is the use of drainage method to detect hydrogen flow. Have you learned it?
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