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3000ml Hydrogen generator
3000ml Hydrogen generator

3000mlhydrogen generator Dr.wellness

1. Relieve cancer pain and inhibit tumor growth. 2. In the field of health care, hydrogen has antioxidant properties. 4. Improve allergic rhinitis. 5. Improve respiratory disease symptoms. 6. Hydrogen has selective antioxidant effect
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The benefit of 3000ml hydrogen and oxygen machine:
1. Relieve cancer pain and inhibit tumor growth.
In the book "Hydrogen Cancer Control - Theory and Practice" by Professor Xu Kecheng, a well-known Chinese gastroenterologist and tumor treatment expert, it was found from 82 real surveys of late-stage cancer patients that inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen has a positive effect on cancer pain and sleep apnea. Symptoms such as disorders and loss of appetite are improved, the patient's quality of life is improved to a certain extent, the side effects of chemotherapy are reduced, and it plays an auxiliary role in the decline of tumor markers and inhibits the growth rate of tumors.
2. In the field of health care, hydrogen has antioxidant properties.
Because hydrogen molecules have a very small mass and can reach inside cells to play a role, hydrogen can reduce the incidence of liver cancer and colon cancer, prevent lung cancer and lung nodules caused by haze, prevent osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, and prevent various diseases.
3. Improve sleep. For people with sleep disorders, excessive stress and overuse of the brain lead to brain hypoxia. By inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves can be balanced, relieve and relax the nerves and improve the quality of sleep. The study found that breathing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (3L/min, hydrogen 66.6%, oxygen 33.3%) for more than 3 hours a day for 2 weeks significantly improved insomnia (P<0.05).
4. Improve allergic rhinitis. Through research, hydrogen and oxygen machines can quickly and significantly improve nasal itching, nasal sneezing, and nasal secretions in people with allergic rhinitis.
5. Improve respiratory disease symptoms.
Hydrogen-oxygen mixture can improve the symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, sputum, shortness of breath and dyspnea, etc.), reduce the number of hospitalization days in acute attacks, and improve blood oxygen saturation.
6. Hydrogen has selective antioxidant effect
The human body produces a large number of free radicals every day. Some of these free radicals are beneficial and some are harmful.
Among harmful free radicals, hydroxyl radicals are relatively active and have the characteristics of harming others. Hydrogen is different from conventional antioxidant drugs such as vitamin C and melatonin. It is only highly toxic and harmful to organisms such as hydroxyl radicals. Strong selective scavenging of free radicals.
Dr.wellness 3000ml hydrogen oxygen inhalation features:
1. 1 machine 3 ways to use, inhale pure hydrogen, inhale hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, two people inhale hydrogen at the same time.
2. 3000ml-1500ml, 16 different gears can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people, one machine for the whole family to share,more efficient and energy-saving.
3. Auto water addition and drainage.
The physical fitness of the elderly gradually declines, and bending down to lift heavy objects will increase the burden on the waist.Dr.wellness hydrogen oxygen inhaler can automatically add/drain water, eliminating the trouble of manually adding water.
4. Inside has 4L Large capacity water tank, adopt new upgraded technology new anti-bacterial clean+UV disinfection system, say goodbye to the trouble of changing water.
5.Four major alarm functions: overheat alarm, water quality alarm, water shortage alarm, overload alarm, more secure .
5.Timing up to 1-8 hours, reduce waste and sleep safely
6.Large touch screen operation, high-definition color screen, the elderly can also use alone.
7.Metal universal wheels + double side handles are durable and convenient for the elderly to move the machine.

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