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3000ml flow rate adjustable hydrogen oxygen inhalation Dr.wellness brand
3000ml flow rate adjustable hydrogen oxygen inhalation Dr.wellness brand

Dr.wellness 3000ml hydrogen oxygen inhalation

1. Relieve cancer pain and inhibit tumor growth. 2. In the field of health care, hydrogen has antioxidant properties. 4. Improve allergic rhinitis. 5. Improve respiratory disease symptoms. 6. Hydrogen has selective antioxidant effect
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Dr.wellness 3000ml hydrogen oxygen inhalation features:
1. 1 machine 3 ways to use, inhale pure hydrogen, inhale hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, two people inhale hydrogen at the same time.
2. 3000ml-1500ml, 16 different gears can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people, one machine for the whole family to share,more efficient and energy-saving.
3. Auto water addition and drainage.
The physical fitness of the elderly gradually declines, and bending down to lift heavy objects will increase the burden on the waist.Dr.wellness hydrogen oxygen inhaler can automatically add/drain water, eliminating the trouble of manually adding water.
4. Inside has 4L Large capacity water tank, adopt new upgraded technology new anti-bacterial clean+UV disinfection system, say goodbye to the trouble of changing water.
5.Four major alarm functions: overheat alarm, water quality alarm, water shortage alarm, overload alarm, more secure .
5.Timing up to 1-8 hours, reduce waste and sleep safely
6.Large touch screen operation, high-definition color screen, the elderly can also use alone.
7.Metal universal wheels + double side handles are durable and convenient for the elderly to move the machine.

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